Client: Verizon
Project: What You Missed

In 2018, Verizon was named the best network for streaming. To promote this claim, we turned to the most streamed sporting event in America—the NCAA March Madness tournament. During the tournament, over 300,000 fans stream each game on their phones. This puts enormous strain on cell networks, causing interruptions and sending fans to Twitter to complain about their carriers.

We saw this as the perfect opportunity to promote our network. As soon as we found a user complaining on Twitter, we responded in real-time with a short recap highlighting what happened in the game up to that point. And, we enlisted Hall-of-Fame basketball legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar to respond on our behalf with his own expertise and commentary into the Tweets. Fans were more than thrilled to receive our help, with many thanking Kareem directly for updating them on the game. And Verizon found the perfect moment to promote its network claim.