Client: Uber
Project: Year With Uber

It’s easy to forget how Uber has revolutionised the way people move. To remind riders Uber’s importance and thank them for journeying with Uber, Year with Uber was born: a web experience that celebrated riders’ 2017 by turning their trip data into a bespoke, modular music video.
With scenes inspired by life in modern Asia-Pacific, the music video was driven by an engine that generated each rider’s video sequence from 5,184 possible combinations.
It was entertaining content; its complexity concealed to create an engaging user experience.
People loved it. The site saw 1.90M unique visits where users spent an average of 2.02 minutes watching the film. 7 out of 10 even stayed until the end. A testament to Uber’s ability to elevate data beyond visualisation, to a story each rider can call their own.