Client: Samsung Visual Display
Project: Quantum Gallery - Enter the Void

TV manufacturers all rely on the same type of footage to show off their TV screen quality to consumers in a retail context. It’s either last summer’s movie or a bank of generic stock-library-like footage of sports, landscapes and creatures. Samsung were looking for screen content that would make their 2018 range of QLED TVs stand out in this sea of sameness.

The Samsung QLED TV is more than a TV. It’s designed to seamlessly blend into the home and intelligently display artwork when it’s not being used. So we partnered with leading digital animation artists, to create a body of work, inspired by the TV’s innovative design features.

The art pieces teased the new features of the TV across social prior to the retail Digital Gallery QLED launch event where the full film was released, which then became shareable content back to social by consumers at the sales event. Not only did we create eye-catching screen content that stood out from the other brands, we drew the attention of a whole new art and design-conscious audience.