Client: Bradesco Bank
Project: next: Swamp or Lolla

Brazil has a population of 60 million millennials—a digitally savvy group, many of whom are just not satisfied with the banking experience provided by traditional institutions. So Bradesco—one of Brazil’s largest banks—set out to reinvent banking for the digital age, with an entirely new proposition, an innovative business model, and a reimagined branding and design process. The result is 'next', an entirely new mobile-only bank that empowers millennials and seamlessly integrates into their lifestyle

Lollapalooza is one of the biggest musical festivals in the world—and millennials love their musical festivals—making it the perfect stage for boosting awareness of ‘next’ and truly showing how different this bank is.

We created an online mobile game called ‘Swamp or Lolla’. Players had the chance to win real prizes, like free tickets to Lollapalooza and they could convert game points into cash to spend at the festival. The game stars the vaquinha, or little cow, which is the Brazilian term for splitting the bill, as well as a key feature in the ‘next’ app.

More than 2MM people played the game leading up to Lollapalooza, which generated 177,000 downloads of ‘next’ app, and over 70,000 people opened an active account.