Project: Inspiration Drops Campaign

Functional marketing in the water category makes brands interchangeable and encourages switching. 80% of drinkers bought multiple brands in a given week. 

In a category filled with indistinguishable brands, LIFEWTR chose to introduce a more purpose-driven, relevant water brand, which led us to uncover a higher need in the category: 57% of bottled water drinkers believe that inspiration is essential to living a fulfilled life.

This was the basis for LIFEWTR: a new water brand that transforms every bottle into a canvas for emerging artists. Our goal was to bring life and color into the category and back it up with purpose and our belief: that art is as essential to life as water. 

Starting by putting art from emerging artists on our bottles, we also promoted each LIFEWTR “Series” using different media channels as unique opportunities for our growing fan base to experience inspiration and share their own creativity.