Client: Jordan Brand
Project: Flight Court

In basketball, everyone is trying to up their game. But the only way to be better than you were yesterday, is to know what and where to improve. So Jordan Brand took a court in the heart of New York City, Terminal 23, and transformed it into something more – a hyper-connected space that uses real time data to track player and ball movement in three dimensions.

Powered by Shot Tracker technology added to three points on a court: a player’s shoes, the ball and the ceiling, an algorithm captures complete player performance and provides instant stats, including box scores, player efficiency ratings, shot charts, optimal lineups, player to player analysis, player rankings and improvement areas. It can tell how many threes were made, which areas on the court had passes that were completed or missed, how many dribbles were taken, where they were when they made the winning shot, and how their rivals performed.

The system also provides a complete practice report delivered straight to your phone.

Every second of a player’s performance is analyzed, so adjustments can be made on the spot, raising every game to the next level.