Client:    Google
Project:  Google Year in Search

Year in Search (previously Zeitgeist) was a story of the year through the trillions of searches the world made. A data-driven snapshot of humanity in 2014. Our film was the center-piece of this campaign.

The things we search for say a lot about us. They are more telling than what we share in social media or even what we see in the news. Search data tells us what the world wants to know about anything and everything. It is a raw and fascinating survey of humanity.

This year, every single piece of footage used in the film was informed by search data. The story of 2014 that only Google can tell. It was an invitation to stop, take a moment, and think about the year in a way that no other brand could. It was a chance to see yourself in the world’s searches and think about what our searches say about us.

With over 31 Million views (and counting), the film became a central part of conversations around 2014 at the end of the year.