Client:    Flock
Project:  Pay-as-you-Fly Insurance for Drones

Flock has invented a new service for drone operators and insurers: customized pay-as-you-fly insurance for drones. Flock collects real-time, location-based data—weather, nearby buildings, ground hazards, NOTAMs, and more—to identify the important risks before a flight, and to help operators fly the safest flight possible.

Operators can buy insurance instantly through the Flock Cover app. Each policy is tailored to an operator’s chosen flight path, and offered at the most competitive price possible. All of Flock’s policies are underwritten by Allianz, the world’s leading aviation insurer. The product launched in beta in September 2017.

On-demand insurance for drone flights.

Dynamic risk analysis provides bespoke single-flight quotes.

Real-time pricing that is risk-dependent, so the safer you fly, the less you pay.