Client:   DIGISEQ

The DIGISEQ platform and hardware allows you to add payment capabilities to any analog item. DIGISEQ is certified banking secure, 1 of only 6 organizations in the world authorized by Mastercard. Its tiny chip can be added to any object and synced with a customer’s bank details.

Once paired with a device, it allows you to pay with a tap. DIGISEQ powers Kerv accessories, the world’s first rings with contactless payment capability. DIGISEQ also powered the payment capability behind a recent activation by Lucozade: Commuters used promotional Lucozade bottles to get a free ride on the London Underground.

DIGISEQ'S tiny chip can be securely added to any object.

Sync your bank details, pair with the app and pay with a tap

DIGISEQ opens up a new world of possibility, turning any object into a payment device